Laptop Repairs

Can’t turn on your laptop? Keyboard not working? Before you decide that it’s time for you to get rid of your laptop and start scouting for a new one, allow us to take a look at your laptop first! Lots of laptops get discarded when they could still be easily saved. Think twice before you get rid of your old laptop; you could save a lot of money by just having your old laptop repaired and upgraded instead of buying a new one. Just give us a call and we will do everything we will fix your laptop in no time!

Laptop Repairs

Our team is capable of handling all kinds of laptop problems. For hardware repairs, you can either bring your laptop to us or we can bring our services to you! We can do the other services remotely by a special software you can easily download, all you need is an Internet connection.

Common Laptop Problems

The Emotional Computer Team is used to handling all sorts of laptop issues and problems. Here are just some of the common problems we encounter on a regular basis:

Screen Problems
• Black screen
• White screen
• Screenlight not working
• Garbled screen
• Dim display
• Flickering display

Keyboard Problems
• Keys not working
• Keyboard not working
• Keyboard has missing/broken keys
• Sticking keys

Touchpad Problems
• Touchpad not working
• Touchpad too sensitive

Battery Problems
• Battery not charging
• Battery easily discharged

Speaker Problems
• Speakers not working
• Speakers making weird noises

• Laptop won’t turn on
• Laptop repeatedly shuts down
• Laptop makes weird noise while running
• Laptop fan not working
• Laptop too slow
• Laptop is frozen
• Laptop not responding
• Laptop overheating
• Laptop boots but doesn’t load operating system
• Beep sound on startup
• Liquid spills
• Bluetooth problems
• Connectivity problems
• Cannot display to external monitor
• Lost files

Didn’t see the problem you need help with? No problem! Just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do about your situation.

Repairs & Replacement

The Emotional Computer Team offers different kinds of repairs and replacements for your laptop. Here are just some of the repairs and replacements we can provide:
• Liquid spill repair
• Operating system repair
• LCD screen repair
• Backlight repair
• Inverter repair
• Power jack repair
• Battery replacement
• Motherboard replacement
• Hard drive replacement
• Memory replacement

Upgrades & Installations
• RAM upgrades
• Hardware component upgrades
• Software installation
• Operating System installation

Popular Laptop Brands

We work with different brands of laptops and here are just some of the popular brands we work with:


Don’t see your laptop’s brand on the list? That’s okay! We can work on all laptops no matter what the brand is. Just give us a call and we will be right there!